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Awards, Bursaries & Grants

There are MANY Bursaries, Grants and Awards that CANNT members can apply for each year.  Members can also nominate a fellow CANNT member for their outstanding work in nephrology. The following is a list of Bursaries/Grants/Awards of Excellence available for CANNT members.

CANNT BOD members are not eligible to apply for CANNT awards during their tenure on the CANNT board.


CANNT Bursaries

The Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists awards up to $2000.00 annually to three qualified nephrology practitioners for continuing education related to their professional development.

CANNT Research Grant

CANNT offers a Research Grant of up to $3000.00 for an original research study in the area of nephrology nursing or technology.

From the above two categories applicants may apply for multiple grants/bursaries annually however only one award will given per candidate/year.

Certifcation/Recertifcation Bursary

CANNT awards a bursary of $500 to one member from each region to cover the cost of successful Certification or Recertification (CNeph(C) or cdt). Applicants may apply for this award after writing the exam or receiving confirmation of successful recertification. 

More information on CANNT Bursaries & Research Grant


CANNT Award of Excellence

CANNT would like to recognize and celebrate excellence in our colleagues through our annual awards program.

Nominate an individual who is a model of excellence in their practice. We are accepting nominations for the following categories:

  • Clinical Practice
  • Technological Practice
  • Administration/ Leadership
  • Research
  • Education
  • Novice
  • Mentorship

More information on the CANNT Award of Excellence


Amgen Canada Grants - subject to 2017 funding approval

- Amgen Canada Inc. Nursing Research Project Grant - Novice Researcher (Minor Project) to the value of $2000.00

- Amgen Canada Inc. Nursing Research Grant - Experienced Researcher (Major Project) to the value of $4000.00

- Amgen Canada Inc. Nephrology Preceptorship/Mentorship Grant : Nurse Practitioner, Vascular Access Nurse or Nursing Outreach, to the value of $3000.00

- Amgen Canada Inc. Nephrology Technological Practice Grant, to the value of $2000.00

- Amgen Canada Inc. Allied Health Professionals Grant, to the value of $2000.00


More information can be found in:

Program Charter

Eligibility   Application Form

Amgen Canada Grant Criteria

May 1st, Annually

  • Technical Bursary

  • Frances Boutilier (Baccalaureate level) Bursary

  • Franca Tantalo (Masters level) Bursary

  • Research Grant


June 30th, Annually

  • Certification/Recertification Bursary

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