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Excellence in Practice Awards

CANNT would like to recognize and celebrate excellence in our colleagues through our annual awards program.  Each award winner will receive  $500.00 except Novice who will be awarded with $200.00.

Nominate an individual who is a model of excellence in their practice. We are accepting nominations for the following categories:

  • Clinical Practice
  • Technological Practice
  • Administration/ Leadership
  • Research
  • Education
  • Mentorship
  • Novice 

Send completed nomination forms to CANNT office by May 1st, Annually.

Examples of excellence in each category

Clinical Practice

Nurses who:

  • Establish caring patient/family relationships,
  • Resolve difficult patient or family situations,
  • Identify or resolve ethical dilemmas effectively,
  • Show great knowledge and skill in nephrological patient care,
  • Demonstrate assessment skills or psychosocial support.

Technological Practice

Technologists who:

  • Develop/implement programs incorporating quality improvement measures,
  • Are outstanding mentors, preceptors or advocates of research-based practice,
  • Demonstrate committed support to the health care team.

Administration / Leadership

Managers/administrators who:

  • Portray/demonstrate a commitment to professional growth of staff thereby enhancing quality of care provided,
  • Encourage autonomous and collaborative decision-making among staff.


Nurses or technologists who:

  • Develop and/or participate in research which enhances patient outcomes in the field of nephrology,
  • Advocate research-based practice.


Nurses or Technologists involved in staff or patient education who:

  • Provide creative, innovative learning experiences through which the learner may grow professionally.


Nurses or Technologists involved in mentorship who:

  • have a willingness to share skills, knowledge, and expertise
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude and act as a positive role model
  • Value ongoing learning and growth in the nephrology
  • Help motivate others by setting a good example of clinical excellence through formal and informal mentorship opportunities


Nurses and Technologists who:

  • have 1 - 5 years of experience
  • demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for nephrology practice
  • demonstrate promising qualities in areas such as patient advocacy, clinical practice, continuous learning, technological initiatives

Terms & Conditions:

This program is open to all CANNT members in good standing.

You may nominate more than one person, and individuals may be nominated more than once.

Selections will be made by Regional Vice Presidents,the Vice President of Technologists and CANNT President. The nominator will be notified prior to the annual conference.

Award winners will be presented with a monetary award at the Annual General Meeting.

Portions of Letter may be published in the CANNT Journal.

Deadline, May 1st


Nomination Forms

Award of Excellence Nomination Form  

(Fill in and submit online or Fill in and Print)

All nominations must be received by May 1st, annually in the CANNT office.

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