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CANNT Bursaries & Grants

The Canadian Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists awards up to $2000.00 annually to three qualified nephrology practitioners for continuing education related to their professional development. CANNT offers a Research Grant of up to $3000 for an original research study in the area of nephrology nursing or technology. CANNT also awards a bursary to one member from each region to cover the cost of successful Certification or Recertification.

Technical Bursary

To promote and encourage continuing education in nephrology within the technical membership.

Frances Boutilier Bursary

To promote and encourage nurses to pursue continuing education at the bachelor of nursing level.

Franca Tantalo Graduate Bursary

To promote and support nurses studying at the Masters level in a program that will include and enhance their nephrology nursing practice.


CANNT Research Grant

To promote member research in the area of

  • nephrology
  • nursing and technology

Certification/Recertification Bursary

To promote and encourage nephrology to study and obtain national certification or re-certification in the Nephrology specialty.


Applicant eligibility:

  • Minimum two years clinical/technical practice in nephrology
  • Member of CANNT in good standing
  • Acceptance into full or part-time studies at an accredited educational institution

The completed application for all bursaries except Certification and Recertification MUST include all of the information below or it will be considered incomplete and removed from the entries:

  • Application form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Transcripts of previous college/university programs
  • Proof of acceptance into the program
  • 2 Letters of reference substantiating academic performance, employment experience and CANNT involvement
  • Proof of CANNT membership
  • Estimation of required funds to meet educational needs

Bursaries are awarded based on

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Involvement with CANNT
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Commitment to continue work in nephrology
  • Research related to nephrology
  • Publications, presentations in nephrology
  • Candidates may apply for mulitple busaries and awards but will only be eligible to receive one award annually in addition to the Certification Bursary.

Certification and Recertification Bursaries are awarded by random draw of eligible applicants in each region after the member has written the exam or has received confirmation of recertification. 


Successful applicants will be notified prior to the annual general meeting. The recipients' names will be published in the CANNT Journal.

May 1st, Annually
June 30th, Annually

General Bursary Application Form

  • ​Technical Bursary

  • Frances Boutilier (Baccalaureate level) Bursary

  • Franca Tantalo (Masters level) Bursary

Research Grant Application Form

/Recertification Bursary Application Form


(submit online or print and mail in with supporting documentation)

Submit applications online or mail to:

CANNT National Office
PO Box 10
59 Millmanor Place
Delaware, ON, N0L 1E0

Tel: (519) 652-6767
Toll Free: (877) 720-2819
Fax: (519) 652-5015
e-mail: cannt@cannt.ca

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