Nephrology Healthcare Professionals Day


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One of the many advantages of a career in nephrology is the interrelationship that exists amongst healthcare providers. On a daily basis across Canada, consultation occurs amongst pharmacists, technologists, nurses, dieticians, social workers and doctors – in an effort to provide quality care to our patients with Chronic or End Stage Renal Disease. It is this team approach that unites us in our day-to-day challenges and improves outcomes.

In celebration, take this day to remind each other of how much you appreciate working together. For ideas on how to celebrate, go to one of the following websites:


Nephrology Health Care Professionals Day since 2007


20 Ways to Celebrate Nephrology Health Care Professionals Day

  1. Post banners in your unit or office.
  2. Purchase or make cards of appreciation.
  3. Post photographs of the staff in the lunchroom or office.
  4. Do a poster display of all the accomplishments over the past year.
  5. Display successful projects and initiatives completed in the unit.
  6. Organize an education in-service.
  7. Verbally thank your colleagues and convey your appreciation for their support and team work.
  8. Explore various professional development activities and commit to one as a goal for the year.
  9. Mention nephrology health care professional day in the company/hospital newsletter with pictures.
  10. Acknowledge outstanding members of the nephrology team with certificates of appreciation.
  11. Nominate outstanding colleagues for an award of excellence.
  12. Arrange a visit from an administrator to the unit.
  13. Bring in donuts, cake, punch, pizza…!
  14. Have a potluck lunch or a barbeque after work
  15. Renew your professional association memberships
  16. Bring in fresh flowers to the unit.
  17. Draw for hospital/CANNT T-shirts
  18. Send a press release to your local daily and weekly newspapers, radio stations and TV stations.
  19. Call your favorite radio talk show host or DJ, and ask him or her to give a special dedication to your nephrology staff.
  20. Invite students (nursing, dietitian, social work, pharmacy, etc.) to visit the workplace and learn about nephrology.