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W1 Coping with “Difficult” Patient Behaviours 
W3 Sodium, Water and Fluid Volume 
W5 CNA Certification Preparation 
1A A Beacon of Light for Vascular Access 
1D Transplantation for the “Non-Transplantologist” 
1E Partnerships in Renal Water 
2A To Glue or Not to Glue – Meeting the Challenge of Urgent Start Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) 
2C Management of ADPKD – A Canadian Perspective – What Can You Do About It In Your Clinic?, Part 1
Management of ADPKD – A Canadian Perspective – What Can You Do About It In Your Clinic?, Part 2
2D Exploring How Hope and Depression in Former Dialysis Patients Are Related to Quality of Life Post Renal Transplantation 
3C Nurse Practitioner Role Vital for Vulnerable Patient Populations Living with Renal Disease 
PF0830 The Future of Living Organ Donation: Embracing the Role of Social Media to Find a Donor 
4A Cannulation Technique Influences Arteriovenous Fistula and Graft Survival 
4C Perception of the Nurse Practitioner Role Among Health Care Professionals in the Hemodialysis Unit 
4D Psychosocial Impact of CKD 
4E Is Hemodialfiltration The Ultimate Fix? 
5B Vascular Access, Grafts and Fistulae – What Happens in Interventional Radiology Anyway? 
5D Pediatric Transition: Transfer vs. Transition – The Role of the Interdisciplinary Team Supporting the Pediatric Patient Moving Into an Adult Care Setting 
6B Improving Education Effectiveness in a Hemodialysis Setting 
6C Population-Based Screening in Wikwemikong Unceded First Nation 
7B Balancing the Scales of Goal Weight Management 
7C Precise Cannulation With ESSAX Technique 
7E Biomedical Bases of Dialysis Testing 
8A Trauma Informed Care – What All Nephrology Nurses Need to Know 
8B Overcoming Barriers to Independent Dialysis – Piloting the Right Start Program 
8C Correct Start Initiative (Csi) – A Patient Engagement Approach to Promote Shared Decision-Making for Patients New On Hemodialysis 
8D Development and Implementation of a Renal Passport to Assist with Eff ective and Individualized Patient Care Plans in a Multi-Care Kidney Clinic 
8E Lessons Learned – Capital Expansion in Community Dialysis 
9A Nurse-Led Bedside Rounds – An Innovative Approach to Real Time Learning, Clinical Leadership and Patient-Centered Care 
9C Integrating Research into Advanced Practice Nursing 
9D Engaging with the Local Aboriginal Community to Increase Awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease and the Long Term Implications of Diabetes