Home Dialysis Interest Group

The Home Dialysis Interest Group [HDIG] is a team of dedicated health professionals in the Greater Toronto Area [GTA] with a keen interest in improving the care of patients receiving home dialysis (HD) [PD or Hemo].

 About HDIG

 Our mission:

Promoting best practices for home dialysis

Our vision:

Enhancing patient outcomes through collaborative relationships in health care

Our goals:

  1. To provide a forum for the development of nursing practice guidelines in HD
  2. To facilitate professional development for nurses in the management in the patient receiving HD through educational opportunities.
  3. To facilitate nursing research in the field of HD.
  4. To promote critical thinking in the nursing assessment and care of the HD patient.
  5. To enhance communication amongst healthcare professionals committed to improving patient outcomes in HD.


HDIG Resources Available to view or download

Documents Relevant to both HHD and HPD

1) Pre-Assessment Form
2) Swabbing Exit Site of Dialysis Access


Home Peritoneal Dialysis

Home Hemodialysis

1) Admission Considerations 1) Admission Considerations
2A) Fluid Assessment 2A) Fluid Assessment
2B) Fluid Assessment Tool 2B) Fluid Assessment Tool
3) Home Visit Tool 3A) Contamination Sites Posters
4A) Peritonitis Sites Contamination Posters 3B) Contamination Strategies Posters
4B) Peritonitis Strategies Contamination Posters    


PD Exit Site Care

1) Post-Op Exit Site
2) Healthy Exit Site
3) Infected Exit Site


2015 Symposium Presentations

1) Starting a Bedside PD Catheter Insertion Program
2) Clinical Research in Home Dialysis
4) Resilient Staff – Resilient Patients
5) Oh, my renal patient is in crisis
6) What are the Europeans doing in Home Hemodialysis​
7) Problem Catheter Algorithms
8) Sleep Disorders in ESRD – why should we care?
9) Patient’s Experience with Home Hemodialysis: A Qualitative Study


2014 Symposium Presentations

1A) Yuck, Muck and Pluck - When Safety and Autonomy Collide
2) Providing peritoneal dialysis safely to patients with barriers to self-care
3A) Buttonhole vs Rope Ladder – Can we ignore the facts?
3B) Buttonhole Cannulation - Maximize the Benefits - Minimize the Risks
3C) Vasuclar Access in Home Hemodialysis - Is There Hope for Rope - Ladder Technique
4) Safety Update on IV Iron Therapy


2013 Symposium Presentations

1) CCAC Self Management Program
2) Diabetes and CKD
3) Enhancing Diabetes Care For Independent Dialysis Clients
4) Our Journey Towards Patient Self- Management: The Patient Experience


2012 Symposium Presentations

1) Pregnancy in ESRD
2) The Nurse Navigator
3) Acute Start Dialysis: Navigating for our Patients
4) My KidneyCare Centre Kiosk
5) A Pilot Study on the Use of Warfarin Sliding Scales in Hemodialysis Patients
6) A Self-Management Approach to Developing a Potassium Education Tool
7) Baby Boom at UHN Home Hemodialysis Unit Poster
8) Improving Peritoneal Dialysis Exit Site Infection Rates
9) Launch Room Independent Dialysis Poster
10) Nurse Navigator Poster



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