October - December 2013 V23-4

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  • CANNT 2013 Rally on the Rock!  New Found Realities in Nephrology Nursing and Technology, October 6–8, 2013 • St. John’s, NL
  • Featured Article
    Perspectives of significant others in dialysis modality decision-making:  A qualitative study
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Continuing Education Series

  • An update on vancomycin dosing and monitoring practices in hemodialysis patients

By Maria Zhang, Linda Dresser, and Marisa Battistella


July - September 2013 V23-3


Featured Article

  • A renal nursing professional practice model: The next generation
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By Lori Harwood, RN, PhD(c), CNeph(C), Linda Downing, RN, CMSN(C), and Jane Ridley, RN, MScN, CNeph(C)

Continuing Education Series

  • The connection between neurosciences and dialysis: A quick neurological assessment for hemodialysis nurses

By Charlotte McCallum, NP-Adult; MN; CNeph(C), and Margaret Leonard, RN

  • Pain assessment and management in hemodialysis patients

By Charisse De Castro, PharmD Student, Laura Murphy, PharmD, and Marisa Battistella, BScPhm, PharmD, ACPR


April - June 2013 V23-2

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  • Implementation of a foot assessment program in a regional satellite hemodialysis setting
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By Barbara Wilson, RN(EC), MScN, CNeph(C) and JulieAnn Lawrence, RN(EC), MScN, CNeph(C)

  • Applying the PARiHS framework in acknowledge dissemination initiative [Read Abstract]

By Anna Gozdzik, MN, CNeph(C)

Continuing Education Series

  • Review of available intravenous iron preparations in hemodialysis

By Katie Palmer, BSc, BScPhm, Karen Cameron, BScPhm, ACPR, CGP, and Marisa Battistella, BScPhm, PharmD, ACPR


January - March 2013 V23-1


Featured Article

  • Moving beyond the “perpetual novice”: Understanding the experiences of novice hemodialysis nurses and cannulation of the arteriovenous fistula [Read Abstract]

By Barbara Wilson, RN(EC), MScN, CNeph(C), Lori Harwood, RN(EC), PhD(c), CNeph(C) and Abe Oudshoorn, RN, PhD,

Continuing Education Series

  • Understanding pruritis in dialysis patients

By Joy Makari, Karen Cameron BSc Phm ACPR CGP and Marisa Battistella BSc Phm PharmD ACPR