October - December 2012  V22-4

Featured Article

  • Blood pressure knowledge in hypertensive hemodialysis patients [Read Abstract]

By Zorica Kauric-Klein, RN, APRN-BC, ANCC, PhD

  • The availability of exercise rehabilitation programs in hemodialysis centres in Ontario [Read Abstract]

By Sunny Ma, MScPT, Jonathan Lui, MScPT, Dina Brooks, BScPT, PhD, and Trisha L. Parsons, BScPT, PT, PhD

Continuing Education Series

  • New agent to treat elevated phosphate levels: Magnesium carbonate/Calcium carbonate tablets

By Caitlin Meyer, Karen Cameron, BScPhm, ACPR, CGP, and Marisa Battistella, BScPhm, PharmD, ACPR

July - September 2012  V22-3

Featured Article

By Mari Sarian, RN, DESS, MScN, Diane Brault,RN, MEd, CMSN(C), and Nathalie Perrault, RN, BScN

  • The community health promotion plan:  A CKD prevention and management strategy [Read Abstract]

By Lisa Sinasac, RN, BScN, MSN

Continuing Education Series

  • Management of depression in hemodialysis

By Marisa Battistella, BSc Phm, PharmD, ACPR


April - June 2012 V22-2

Featured Article

  • The handwriting on the wall:
    Program transformations utilizing effective change management strategies
    [Read Abstract]

By Anita Amos, RN, BScN, CNeph(C), Colleen Johns, RN, Nordia Hines, BA, MA, Tracey Skov, RN, HBScN, MSN, and Linda Kloosterman, RN, BScN, CNeph(C)

  • Physiologic and psychosocial approaches to global management of the hemodialysis patient in the Southern Alberta Renal Program [Read Abstract]

By Tina Cormier, RN, BScN, CNeph(C), Ofelia Magat, RN, BScN, CNeph(C), Suzy Hager, RN, Fanny Ng, RN, BN, and Miran Lee, RN, BN


January - March 2012 V22-1

Featured Article

  • The dangers of substance abuse in adolescents with chronic kidney disease:
    A review of the literature [Read Abstract]

By Melanie R. Steele, Vladimir Belostotsky, MD, PhD, MRCPCH, and Keith K. Lau, MBBS, FAAP, FRCPCH

  • Impact of incident comorbidity on functional loss in elderly chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis [Read Abstract]

By Juan José Mansilla Francisco, RN, Francisco Díez De los Ríos Cuenca, RN, Sandra Cabrera Azaña, RN, Joaquín Cortés Torres, RN, Mª José Macías López, RN, José Antonio González Castillo, RN, and Juan Luís Ferreras Duarte, RN

Continuing Education Series

  • Hypoglycemics for the treatment of type 2 diabetes in patients with chronic kidney disease: A focus on new agents

By Victor Fang, Lori D. Wazny, PharmD, and Colette B. Raymond, PharmD, MSc