October - December 2003 Volume 13 Issue 4

Original Research

Hemodialysis adequacy and quality of life: How do they relate?Read abstract ]
By Gina Hamilton, RN, and Heather Locking-Cusolito RN, MScN, CNeph(C)

Continuing Education Series

Proteinuria, a modifiable risk factor: Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) and Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)Read abstract ]
By Jennifer Dykeman-Sharpe, BSc Pharm


Dilemmas in providing patient-focused careRead abstract ]
By Shirley Drayton, RN, BA, Amy Canter, MSW, RSW, and Cynthia Allen, NT, CNM

July - September 2003 Volume 13 Issue 3

Continuing Education Series:

Renal transplantation - Demystifying the processRead abstract ]
By Jennifer Cross, RN, MScN, CNeph(C)

Treatment and prevention of cytomegalovirus in renal transplant patients: Weighing the evidenceRead abstract ]
By Alison Hakkert, pharmacy student, and Jennifer Dykeman-Sharpe, BSc Pharm

Série sur l'enseignement infirmier continu

La transplantation rénale démystiféeRead abstract ]
par Jennifer Cross, inf aut, MScN, CNeph(C)


Pancreas/kidney transplantation: New hope for patients with end stage renal disease and type 1 diabetesRead abstract ]
By Liz Wright, RN, and Colleen Shelton, RN, MHSc, MSc(c), CNCC(C), CNeph(C)

New paradigms in immunosuppressionRead abstract ]
By Robert Huizinga, RN, CNeph(C), and Therese Voyer, BScN, CNeph(C)

April - June 2003 Volume 13 Issue 2

Continuing Education Series:

Over-the-counter remedies in chronic renal insufficiency: Risks versus benefitsRead abstract ]
By Jennifer Dykeman-Sharpe, BScPharm

The use of intradialytic parenteral nutrition to treat malnutrition: A case studyRead abstract ]
By Petula Wong, BScN, MEd, RN, Pamela Smith, PDt, and Diane Rodger, BScN, RN

Série sur l'enseignement infirmier continu:

L'administration de la nutrition parentérale perdialytique pour traiter la malnutrition : Étude de casRead abstract ]
par Petula Wong, BScN, MEd, inf, Pamela Smith, PDt, et Diane Rodger, BScN, inf

January - March 2003 Volume 13 Issue 1

Corporate Award Winner

Bridging the "theory-practice gap" in renal nursing: Establishing a renal professional practice modelRead abstract ]
By Joy Bevan, RH, BHScN, CNeph(C)


An examination of critical thinking in a self-care dialysis unitRead abstract ]
By Cindy Bryson, RN, CNeph(C)