October - December 2002 Volume 12 Issue 4

Corporate Award Winner

Case success with midodrine for intradialytic hypotensionRead abstract ]
By Julie Ann Lawrence-Murphy, RN(EC), MScN, CNeph(C), Sue Tereschyn, RN, CNeph(C), and Donna Zimmerman, RN, CNeph(C)

Continuing Education Series

Charcot foot: Implications for nephrology nurses [ Read abstract ]
By Lori Harwood, RN, MSc, CNeph(C), and Barbara Wilson, RN, MScN, CNeph(C)

Série sur l'enseignement infirmier continu

Le pied de Charcot et ses conséquences pour le personnel en néphrologieRead abstract ]
par Lori Harwood, inf., MSc, CNeph(C), et Barbara Wilson, inf, MScN, CNeph(C)

July - September 2002 Volume 12 Issue 3

Continuing Education Series

Ultrafiltration and dialysate sodium profiling: Choosing the optimal therapy for your patientsRead abstract ]
By Carol Meers, RN, BScN, CNeph(C)

Série sur l'enseignement infirmier continu

Ultrafiltration et profil de sodium dans le dialysat : choisir la thérapie optimale pour vos patientsRead abstract ]
par Carol Meers, inf, BScInf, CNeph(C)


Patient-focused care on a complex continuing care dialysis unit: Rose's storyRead abstract ]
By Mitzi G. Mitchell, RN, BScN, BA(Sociology), MHSc, MN, GNC(C)

April - June 2002 Volume 12 Issue 2


A critical analysis of the value of symptom models for managing chronic fatigue in patients with end stage renal diseaseRead abstract ]
By Oneka Pratt, RN, MN

Travels, tremors and teaching with the World Foundation for Renal Care [ Not available online ]
by Maria Mendez, RN, BScN

Ethical Issues

Professional boundaries in nephrology programsRead abstract ]
By Rosalie Starzomski, RN, PhD

January - March 2002 Volume 12 Issue 1


An integrated critique of the efficacy of topical mupirocin in preventing catheter-related Staphylococcus aureus infections in peritoneal dialysis clientsRead abstract ]
By Oneka Pratt, RN, MN

Continuing Education Series

Predicting methanol clearance during hemodialysis when direct measurement is not availableRead abstract ]
by Margo McMurray, Diane Carty, and Edwin B. Toffelmire

Série sur l'enseignement infirmier continu

Prévoir le niveau d'évacuation du méthanol durant l'hémodialyse lorsqu'une mesure directe n'est pas disponibleRead abstract ]
par Margo McMurray, Diane Carty, and Edwin B. Toffelmire